Spring Mountain
Ski Patrol

757 Spring Mount Road, Spring Mount, PA 19478 springmountainskipatrol@gmail.com


Who We Are

The Spring Mountain Ski Patrol is a patrol affiliated with the National Ski Patrol System. Its primary mission is the safety of the skiing and snowboarding public visiting Spring Mountain Ski Area.


Brent Watts - Patrol Director
Walt Larkin - Deputy Patrol Director
Gary Johnson - Assistant Patrol Director
Mike Gibbons - Assistant Patrol Director
Mark Brasch - Volunteer Liaison
Martin Schamis - Treasurer
Annette Hladio - Secretary and Chief Recruiter
David Marks - Elect. Comm. and Webmaster

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Contact Annette Hladio, 610-449-4049, to join us.
Fill out the Volunteer Application form.

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